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Europe’s fisheries are in crisis. Too many destructive fishing boats are chasing too few fish. Since 2011, citizens, fishermen and businesses across Europe have been campaigning for healthy oceans, and in February, the European Parliament voted for better fishing laws – a stunning victory for citizen power! But it’s not over yet and time is running out. We urgently need Fisheries Ministers to take the lead and approve ambitious reform.

Invite your Minister to get ‘on board’, stop bankrupting our oceans and let fish stocks recover!

Let Fish Stocks Recover

Retailers & Processors

Fishermen – Thousands of fishermen and coastal communities across Europe are desperate for laws that end overfishing and secure their livelihoods.

Chefs – Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, chef and leader of Fish Fight, has campaigned alongside other chefs in Europe for sustainable fishing since 2010.

European Parliament - Ulrike Rodust, MEP, led the development of the European Parliament’s ambitious proposals for reform in 2012 and is now negotiating with Ministers.

European Commission - Maria Damanaki, Maritime & Fisheries Commissioner, delivered the initial proposals for reform of the Common Fisheries Policy in 2011.

Retailers & Processors – Some of Europe’s biggest companies like EDEKA in Germany and Marks & Spencers in the UK want to see policies that support sustainable fishing – their business depends on it.

Citizens – that’s you! Millions of people across Europe have signed petitions, written letters, drawn pictures, attended events and spread the word about the campaign, letting politicians know they want healthy oceans.

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A modest start...

Maritime and Fisheries Commissioner, Maria Damanaki publishes proposals for reform of the Common Fisheries Policy which leave a lot to be desired.


Jul 2011

Fighting for the fish!

Over 800,000 of us joined the fight to stop wasting fish. After a heroic effort from citizens across Europe the European Parliament agreed that there needed to be a discards ban.


May 2012

Botched deal bodes trouble for EU fisheries

Ministers procrastinate in the face of a collapsing fisheries sector and increasing job losses. Disappointment ensues as once again the Fisheries Council goes for a weak revision of the Common Fisheries Policy.


Jun 2012

Fish, fish everywhere

We join hands and create human fish across Europe. OCEAN2012’s European Fish Weeks call for an end to overfishing or fishing will be over


Aug 2012

Demanding better fishing laws!

Ulrike Rodust, MEP, and Commissioner Damanaki welcome the WWF petition on behalf of the European Parliament and the Commission from 150,000 European citizens. Healthy oceans and sustainable fishing practices are not optional.


Oct 2012

Stand And Deliver

30,000 citizens wrote to MEPs, showing how they want change in fisheries management in the EU. Fisheries Ministers have failed to deliver for thirty years and it is up to the Parliament to make it happen.


Nov 2012

Fishers join together to be heard

With Greenpeace, fishers from across Europe agree on a common Declaration for Sustainable Fishing, including reform of Europe’s fishing laws to support small-scale and sustainable fishers.


Nov 2012

A good day for fish

Responsible members of the European Parliament stand up for fish and vote for sustainable EU fisheries. The Fisheries Committee shows through this milestone vote that the European Parliament is listening to scientific advice and wants fish stocks to recover.


Dec 2012

Paint a fish for the future

Over 20,000 citizens paint a fish and send it along with a message to MEPs, asking for a healthy and prosperous future for our oceans. Politicians listen and one even wears her favourite fish to the vote in Parliament!


Jan 2013

No fish? More fish?

WWF, OCEAN2012, Fish Fight and other NGOs demonstrate in Strasbourg. MEPs are asked to choose if they want ‘no fish’ or ‘more fish’ as they enter WWF’s gates of truth on their way to vote for fisheries reform. Freezing weather and gale force winds don’t stop us asking the tough questions!


Feb 2013

Victory for sustainable fisheries!

By a margin of nearly 5:1, the European Parliament votes for ambitious fisheries reform to let fish stocks recover. It’s a victory for citizen power despite strong opposition from some MEPs siding with unsustainable industry interests.


Feb 2013

Hopes for the future

The future of fisheries reform hangs in the balance as the Commission, Parliament and Fisheries Ministers in the Council attempt to negotiate a compromise between Parliament’s progressive proposals and the Council’s weaker position. Let’s make sure the good guys win!

Get on board!

May 2013

Bankrupt Oceans

Europe’s fisheries are in crisis – 2 out of 3 fish stocks in Europe are overfished. For more than thirty years, fishing laws have failed to deliver the changes we need, and there are still too many destructive fishing boats chasing too few fish.

Since 2011, you’ve been helping us campaign for better fishing laws. Hundreds of thousands of people have taken action, and fishermen, processors, retailers and chefs across Europe all want reform.

And in February, the European Parliament voted almost 5 to 1 in favour of healthy oceans and sustainable fishing – but it’s not over yet. Time is running out and there is a real danger the reform process may stall.

A new ‘Common Fisheries Policy’ for Europe

Fisheries Ministers need to approve ambitious proposals now. Without their agreement, all of your hard work, including Parliament’s vote, will count for nothing.

Reform only happens every ten years – this could be our last chance to secure healthy oceans and sustainable fishing for future generations.

We need new fishing laws in Europe that let fish stocks recover, favour sustainable fishing, prevent fish being wasted, maintain fishing fleets at levels fisheries can support, and end harmful subsidies.

Invite your Minister to get ‘on board’, stop bankrupting our oceans and let fish stocks recover!